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  zauberstuhl 0bc30a877b Initial wifi integration (#7) 9 months ago
  Lukas Matt ba2b977bba Fix typo in agola config 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt b49218b36e Remove obsolete benchmark tests 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt d77c9a5c24 modified: .agola/config.jsonnet 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt 0b2f19449d Use debian buster instead of stretch 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt cdd419367a Run tests in all directories 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt c5644acc7b Add first agola build script 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt 31102039fd Use log wrapper for DHCP client and server 10 months ago
  zauberstuhl 044569717a Detect lin state of interfaces (#6) 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt dc3c2ea908 Fix exception query passing double pointer 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt 7728287f9a Skip frame count for wrapper logger 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt c3e1ef5c52 bump zerolog to v1.20.0 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt aa66ed2f5a Fix preloading and SQL queries 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt 4f75e9e535 Fix SQL injection possibility in connection handler 10 months ago
  zauberstuhl 07b9b717e0 Add bridge support (#5) 10 months ago
  zauberstuhl 4e7a563ac0 Merge pull request 'Remove nested structs' (#4) from remove_nested_structs into master 10 months ago
  Lukas Matt 98ba60c7d0 Remove nested structs 10 months ago
  zauberstuhl 4845152efb Use own DHCP and DNS server (#2) 10 months ago
  zauberstuhl ca8afd9608 Merge pull request 'Restructure application server files' (#3) from restructure into master 11 months ago
  Lukas Matt 79f35ed052 Merge database migration files 11 months ago
  Lukas Matt 92880d207d Update README.md 11 months ago
  Lukas Matt d3ce0b1bcb Restructure the application folder modules 1 year ago
  zauberstuhl b9f96176e1 Merge pull request 'Move to material design' (#1) from move_to_material_design into master 1 year ago
  Lukas Matt 1112c91325 Clean-up fa icons 1 year ago
  Lukas Matt 7ef2efb7ec Move portal pages to material design 1 year ago
  Lukas Matt 9a86135146 Update go.mod 1 year ago
  Lukas Matt dcc9d465f7 Initial commit 1 year ago