#7 Initial wifi integration

zauberstuhl merged 19 commits from wifi_ap_and_client_integration into master 9 months ago
- [x] make it possible to configure and start hostapd - [x] make it possible to configure and start wpa_supplicant - [x] make it possible to use both (wpa_supplicant and hostapd) - [x] iw dev wlp5s0 interface add wlp5s0_XX type managed address aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:XX - [x] (main device must be down) ip link set dev wlp5s0 down - [x] order matters. start hostapd first! - [x] make it possible to scan for networks - [x] integrated it into the frontend - [x] make it possible to forward traffic to the client setup (default gateway)
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